Joptek Oy Composites is a pioneer in composites and lightweight construction technology. We design and manufacture tailor-made lightweight construction and composite construction systems. The systems are used by marine, rail and road transportation as well as for the applications of technology and building industries in Finland and abroad. Our customers include leading European shipyards, rail and road transport equipment manufacturers and industrial enterprises. We serve our customers efficiently both as a project supplier and as a contract manufacturer.

We base our operation on innovative design, superior technical solutions, reliable implementation, and the usability and functionality of our products. Our expertise and the functionality of our systems have been proven in practice at sea and on railways and roads as well as in industrial applications for more than 25 years. The pioneering solutions of Joptek are used by oil rigs in the North Sea, Caribbean cruise ships, and European railways, roads and industry.

Solutions for the future

Joptek Oy Composites is a strong participator in the modernisation of marine technology. We design and manufacture lightweight construction systems for cruise liners, ships, vessels and the offshore industry.

Lightweight, rigid, durable – Joptek takes its solutions even further into the future! Joptek Composites is an insider where international materials development is concerned. The company designs and implements comprehensive solutions through innovation.



“Competence in extreme conditions, Northern dimension, and energy-efficient, innovative solutions”

“Joptek Composites has supplied lightweight balcony systems to numerous cruise ships”

“Lightweight constructions enable significant saving of weight”

From details to comprehensive solutions

Joptek Oy Composites is a pioneer systems supplier for the rail industry. We design and implement comprehensive solutions, such as toilet modules and floors, as well as doors and exterior and interior surfaces of trains and trams. Lightness, rigidity and durability are our strengths where railway solutions are concerned.

As a designer and manufacturer of composites and lightweight constructions, we are very familiar with the sector’s requirements. Innovative solutions and expertise in design and materials combined with modern manufacturing techniques are our core competencies. We manufacture certified products according to international regulations for transport equipment.



“Composite construction floors are lightweight, durable and easy to install. They are well-suited for even the most demanding applications”

“Finland is at the cutting edge of world rail traffic expertise. Joptek has more than 25 years of expertise in composite and lightweight construction technology and delivery to the railway industry.”

Specialist in structural requirements

Joptek Composites is familiar with the requirements of the transport industry. We deliver our products in accordance with the industry’s international standards and customer requirements.

We specialise in the design and manufacture of composites and lightweight constructions. Bows, stairways, sterns, roofs, and the exterior surfaces of buses – lightness, rigidity, durability and surface quality are paramount. In manufacturing technology, an ideal weight/strength ratio can be achieved with the closed mould method.

Understanding the properties of the materials to be laminated and the manufacturing methods are crucial. Joptek’s expertise is based on our 25 years of experience.



“An optimal weight/strength ratio calls for expertise in both structural design and manufacturing methods”

“The moulds and methods have to work faultlessly in order to achieve efficient serial production”

“Diversified methods and materials provide many opportunities for design and for joining structural elements together”

Products for industrial use

Joptek designs, develops and implements lightweight construction solutions for various industrial sectors. For the technology and energy sector we manufacture various types of enclosures and protective and deck structures by serial production..

Joptek boasts great expertise in comprehensive delivery for the building industry. Among other things, we mass produce ready-made bathroom modules based on a composite floor solution. The bathrooms are seamless, watertight and hygienic.

The Industry products of Joptek Oy Composites combine the best expertise in materials and formability. Our experience from design to production and ability to understand customer-specific needs adds value for our customers.



“We develop and implement lightweight construction solutions also for industrial sectors that have not used composites before”

“Constructions with less material but more thought”

“At the design phase, we develop solutions that spare our customers time, trouble and money”

“A composite structure is lightweight, rigid and not afraid of water. The structure is also ideal in spaces where climate and temperature conditions vary”